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Emerging Risks Detection Support PDF Print E-mail
Emerging Risks detection focuses on detecting risks related to food consumption that will emerge in the near or far future. The process of detecting risks requires the state-of-the-art of food safety research and knowledge on how food is processed, where it is obtained from, how it is processed, etc.

ERDSS stands for Emerging Risk Detection Support System. This system has as goal to detect emerging risks; risks that are not a risk yet, but that might be a threat for human health in the (nearby) future. The main goal of the system is to support experts and managers in their work in detecting and reducing emerging food safety risks. The ERDS System applies the holistic approach that for example has been developed in EU projects Periapt, SAFE FOODS and EMRISK. The holistic approach enables the emerging risk detection system to take various expertise-fields and disciplines into account when detecting emerging risks. One can, for example, think of economics, international trade, climate changes and human factors next to knowledge about specific supply chains, areas of distribution, production chains and knowledge about breeding and plants. Thanks to the use of information from within these various expertises and disciplines, the detection of emerging risks can go beyond the constraints of these expertises and disciplines, by which potential risks can be found that otherwise would be missed.

One of the new qualities of the ERDS System is that the system is able to reason about the facts it knows about. After adding new facts, application of inference rules will create new (inferred) facts. Some of these new facts will define new emerging risks and these new facts will show up as emerging risks in the system. The ERDS System will alert the user of the system to possible risks at an early stage. In this way, action can be undertaken to prevent the development of possible risks. As the system searches for possible emerging risks by itself, in contrast with reactive systems where users have to give focussed input like a specified search command, it can be said that the system works pro-active.


Screenshot of the ERDSS-system