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MixTainer is a project for The Greenery in which an advise is given on the composition of container transport. The application is aimed to make orders of the United Nations for oversees areas more efficient. The UN orders products form a list of approximately 70 different products.


The application uses an order, a list of products, the desire quantities and the maximum allowed waste of the products as input to create an advice on how to pack the necessary containers. This advice is based on dynamic information in a product database, that contains quality loss models of the 70 products. It also takes into account which products may influence other products due to ethylene sensitivity. Or, alternatively, which products should not be combined, e.g. due to smell incorporation. Based on such data, the application determines the following:


  • which products can be packed together in a container, based on temperature and maximum accepted waste?
  • how many containers are needed to transport the products?
  • how should these containers by packed?
  • with which products can a container be 'topped up'?
  • which are the optimal settings for cooling and airing for the container?

In the project, three expertises of AFSG come together: product knowledge, creating web applications, and mathematical optimisation. The contribution of the Information Management group to this project is to create a web application to display the advice to the end user.