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Inplista logoInplista is a European project aimed at disseminating information about food safety and food quality standards to SMEs. We do this by organising three kinds of seminars:

•    We organise workshops on food safety standards. In these workshops, we provide general information on various existing standards and the demands that they impose on your company.
•    We organise sector-specific workshops. In these workshops, we provide information on food safety stanards aimed at the meat, dairy and fruit/vegetable sectors.
•    We organise issue-specific workshops. In these workshops, we provide SMEs with information on food safety standards with respect to traceability, GMOs and allergens.


The role of Wageningen UR -- Information Management is both content-related and support-related. We give input to the traceability workpackage; we coordinate the fruit and vegetable workshop material; and we are the leader for the Knowledge Dissemination workpackage. In this last activity, we are responsible for creating a multi-lingual website which includes a knowledge base. The knowledge base is an Experience Box-based knowledge exchange envrionment for food safety standard expreiences of Euopean SMEs.


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