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eFood -- eScience in Agrifood

The eFood project consists of the following parts:

  • Wurvoc: setting up and launching Wurvoc, the Semantic Hub in the agrifood domain
  • Unicorn: annotation of Excel files containing measurement data, such that their context can be preserved for future use.
  • Ontowiki: supporting the development of domain specific vocabularies by a group of experts
A description of this project can be found in this flyer (in Dutch).


Wurvoc is the place for semantically rich vocabularies(ontologies) and services in the agrifood domain. On wurvoc, we have placed vocabularies in the field of food additives, dairy, drinks etcetera. These vocabularies help to chart a specific domain and can be used in web applications that e.g. search for knowledge in a smart way. Wurvoc will be launched officially on June 11 during the open day of Food & Biobased Research. The ontologies and services will be accessible as Linked Open Data.


Unicorn is an add-in in Excel 2010 that enables researchers in the agrifood domain to annotate their spreadsheets containing measurements. By indicating for each column which parameters have been measured, it is possible to indicate which parameters have been measured and thereby to reuse this knowledge in a different setting.


In the Ontowiki project, we study the pros and cons of codeveloping domain-specific vocabularies using a wiki interface. Domain experts are knowledgable about their domain and are interested in contributing their knowledge for the development of applications. With the wiki interface, experts are enabled to discuss their expertise and to create a common vocabulary.